Message from Principal

  • Dear Students and Parents

    Welcome to L.R.I. Away from the clatters and clamors of the city area… Learning Realm International (L.R.I) Education Trust is located in close proximity of blissful natural ambience. The core vision and mission of L.R.I. stand-out to develop children capable of leading the ever inventive world citizenry.Several thousands have educationally thrived from our top-notch facilitation coupled with deep-rooted grooming since 1988. Education is no longer a mere ritual of life. schooling, no doubt, is fundamental to our contemporary enculturation.

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    Recent News

  • Jan 26, 2014
    Cheer-up LRIans the world-over!!! The Silver Jubilee climax of the institution will be observed on Monday, Falgun 12 (February 24) as "RE-UNION DAY" for all LRI alumnae on the beautiful and sprawling premises of LRI, tentatively as follows:
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