1st LRI Success Story Conference of Teachers, 2018

The 1st LRI Success Story Conference of Teachers will take place on August 12, 2018 (Shrawan 27, 2075) in LRI School, Kalankisthan, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Program Schedule

Please click here to find the program booklet. 

The keynote speakers of the Conference are Prof. Dr. Bashu Dev Kafle and Prof. Dr. Jai Raj Awasthi.

The conference theme and sub-theme are as follows:

Main theme: "Celebrating Successes: Building a Wider Community of Practitioners'


            Classroom management

            Celebrating diversity in the classroom

            Bringing ICT in the classrooms

            Bringing critical pedagogy: The course and discourse

            Evolving theories and innovative practices in teaching and learning

            Teaching in difficult circumstances

            Motivation in teaching and learning

            Innovative teaching learning strategies

            Learner autonomy

            Teacher professional development

            Authenticity in teaching learning materials


            Home-grown materials for teaching and learning

            Learning beyond the classroom: Responding to learning strategies

            Linking research and classroom teaching


The Conference is a professional get together of a large number of teachers, experts, textbook/material writers, teacher trainers, etc. from Kathmandu.  It is estimated that it will be participated by more than 250 people from more than 25 different schools. There will be 2 keynote speeches, 1 plenary and 40+ concurrent sessions.

If you are interested to present paper(s) in the conference, please go through the details below.

Guidelines to draft the proposal

Title of your presentation (Maximum 10 words)

-It should be catchy and meaningful.

Abstract (Maximum 200 words)

-Write the teaching learning success story related to any of the abovementioned subthemes. It can be your teaching learning strategy that you implemented to teach any lesson in your classroom or to manage your own classroom. Your abstract needs to include step-by-step plan of your presentation.

Rubrics for designing the abstract


Excellent (8)

Good (6)


Novelty and Originality

The topic that you have stated in your proposal is entirely new and you have executed the idea well in your classroom.

The topic that you have stated in your proposal is somewhat new and you have executed the idea in your classroom.

The topic that you have stated in your proposal is very common and most of the teachers are already using the idea you have mentioned.


The teaching tips/strategies/ideas you have stated is highly contextual which teachers can use it in their classroom teaching and learning without much effort.

The teaching tips or strategy you have stated is contextual which, with some adjustment, teachers can use it in their classroom teaching and learning.

The teaching tips or strategy you have stated is not very contextual and teachers finds it difficulty to use it in their teaching learning context.

Specificity and clarity

The proposal clearly and specifically states what you are going to present and how.

The proposal somewhat specifies what you are going to present.

The proposal mentions what you are going to do during your presentation; however, the points you have mentioned are not so specific and therefore not clear.


Note: Your presentation will of 30 mins. You will present your ideas within first 20 mins. and the latter 10 mins. will be the time for questions from the audience.

Click here to submit your proposal

Please submit your proposal by July 16, 2018 (Ashad 32, 2075). -Extended Deadline

You will be notified about the status of your proposal by July 19, 2018 (Shrawan 03).

Important dates:

July 16, 2018 (Ashad 32): Deadline for the submission of abstracts

July 19, 2018 (Shrawan 03): Notifying the participants about the status of the proposals

August 12, 2018 (Shrawan 27): Conference Day

The conference will begin at 8 am and will end at 5:30 pm.

The conference registration fee is NPR 500. You will be provided lunch, high tea and conference kits.

Conference Management Committee 

Success Story Professional Development Grant (SSPDG) for Nepalese Teachers