The core vision and mission of L.R.I. stand out to develop children capable of leading the ever-inventive world citizenry. Several thousands have educationally thrived from our top-notch facilitation coupled with deep-rooted grooming since 1988. Positivity has been the driving force of our team to consistently create successive generations with a parental focus on ‘Intelligence Quotient’ as well as ‘Emotional Quotient’. In other words, the key thrust of L.R.I. has been to re-search compatible knowledge and re-create resilient virtuousness.


Everything has a purpose and LRI has it in meeting each student’s innocent needs and genuine expectations. Children are always at the center of all that we do. They have plentiful of opportunities to interplay with the dynamic Schooling activities they feel happy about, enabling them to choose their own pathway to an acclaimed life. We believe that School should be fun and students should feel loved and blessed in a lively environ that nourishes their independence. We offer to partner and collaborate with you valuing your child’s unique way to a sound growth through a strong education. You will see your children enjoying life here as you experience their formidable transformation by the culture we harness in LRI.

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