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With 35 years of experience in the education sector, Learning Realm International (LRI) School stands as an English-medium co-ed institution registered as a TRUST, situated in Kalanki, Kathmandu, it was established on Falgun 12, 2044 B.S. (February 24, 1988 A.D.) through the dedicated efforts of its founder, Shiv Raj Pant. The school holds recognition from the Government of Nepal to conduct classes up to Grade 12.

This institution embodies the pursuit of learning excellence in Nepal, embracing the finest educational practices that redefine international competitiveness, thereby equipping students for global citizenship. The L.R.I. ethos encourages students to unearth their personal "space" and "uniqueness" by engaging with the school's rich educational legacy.

At the heart of Learning Realm International School lies a core vision and mission: the cultivation of children capable of leading a perpetually innovative global community. This vision thrives on the dedication to consistently nurture successive generations with a dual emphasis on both 'Intelligence Quotient' and 'Emotional Quotient'.

The school imparts value-based education that is contextually relevant, spanning from Pre-school to Secondary levels. Spearheaded by a dedicated team of educators, the institution pursues the following goals through its commitment to quality education:


Providing 'world-class education' to foster proactive global citizens.

Creating a stimulating environment that allows inherent talents to flourish for holistic development.

Cultivating competent human capital capable of establishing their own distinct 'space' on national and international platforms.

Shaping each pupil into an honorable citizen who embodies universal human culture, promoting a healthy social life.

Empowering every student to surpass average performance levels and continually 'strive for excellence'.