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We provide healthy meals at LRI School. The dining hall is a great place to have healthy meals and to experience the bonds of camaraderie. Different variations of Nepalese, Chinese and Indian style menu is served for lunch and snacks. Parents are welcome to taste the food enjoyed by our students and teachers.

In keeping with our school’s aim of providing all-round development and care, we provide our children meals that are healthy, well-balanced and nutritious. We want our children to be individuals who enjoy good health – a strong mind and a fit body.  The cafeteria plays a key role in a student’s life and we endeavor to keep our children free from lifestyle related illnesses that are rampant in the society today.

Spacious and Comfortable Environment

Our cafeteria is well-planned, spacious and clean and can accommodate a large number of students at one time.  It is replete with comfortable seating and uses sensible cooking techniques with less oil and spices.  The cafeteria staff members wear head gear, aprons and serve food using clean gloves.  There is fresh running water for the utensils and this facility is cleaned using the best detergents.  It has an attached storage space which is well-kept and hygienic.  Pest control is a regular feature with our cafeteria. The team here has an administrative head that ensures all stringent standards of hygiene and health are maintained at all times.

Hygiene - The Need of the Hour

We maintain strict control and ensure that cutting boards, cutlery and utensils for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are separate.  Each item is color-coded to make this distinction easier.  Despite the many differences that are present, we teach our children to be tolerant of each other’s eating habits and general characteristics.  Staff members and students sit at the same tables sharing difficult, easy and happy moments together.

Fresh and Delicious Foodstuff

The hot lunch served each day has a different menu using fresh and healthy ingredients.  There is also a wide variety of snacks and beverages on our menu and can be availed by both staff and students at nominal prices. We also offer some exciting bakery items like freshly baked breads, biscuits, cookies and cakes that have been an instant hit with all.

Strict Controls at All Times

We welcome visits of the health inspector as this heightens our controls and we leave no stone unturned in our effort towards perfection. All these are prepared in-house to mitigate any health risks towards our children and staff.  We invest hugely in terms of time, money and effort to make sure that everyone receives the highest standards of hygiene and nutrition without ever compromising on taste and flavor.