"The future of the world is in my classroom today." - Ivan Welton Fitzwater

The School Parliament serves the purpose of granting pupils an authentic voice within a manageable system, fostering student ownership and responsibility for their school. Simultaneously, it affords staff the opportunity to gain insights from the pupils' perspective. Regular meetings convene for School Parliament members, offering a platform for decision-making on various aspects of school life and representation at special events. Furthermore, the members exemplify social responsibility by engaging in charity fundraising. The objectives of our School Parliament include promoting collaborative learning, instilling democratic principles, nurturing positive community role models, and enhancing the overall school environment. Its function involves collective participation rather than a singular focus on tasks. Active involvement entails identifying areas for improvement, devising strategies for positive change, and translating ideas into actions. The operation of our Class Parliament involves the election of a School Parliament representative for each class. Regular meetings are held, with topics chosen a day in advance to allow thoughtful consideration. Meeting management and note-taking duties rotate among different individuals, occasionally with teacher assistance. During School Parliament meetings, the School Parliament member from each class, along with one additional class member, attends to articulate their class's viewpoints. Additionally, as part of our commitment to global awareness and diplomacy, LRI School organizes an annual UN Security Council simulation. This engaging event involves representatives from Grades 9 to 12, selected from both the Student Council and the four distinct houses within our school community. The simulation provides an invaluable opportunity for students to step into the shoes of diplomats from the five veto-wielding countries. By assuming these roles, participants gain insight into the complexities of international relations and hone their negotiation and diplomacy skills. This hands-on experience further enriches their understanding of world affairs, fosters teamwork, and cultivates critical thinking as they grapple with real-world challenges and devise collaborative solutions. The UN Security Council simulation serves as a testament to our dedication to fostering holistic education that transcends classroom boundaries. Furthermore, LRI School is proud to host an annual Model United Nations (MUN) conference, an exceptional platform that brings together delegates from Grades 7 to 12. Representing a diverse array of UN organs and committees, students assume the roles of delegates from various countries, emulating the proceedings of the real United Nations. This immersive experience allows participants to delve into the complexities of global issues, engage in debates, and collaboratively draft resolutions. By representing different nations and viewpoints, students broaden their perspectives, enhance their research and public speaking skills, and cultivate a nuanced understanding of international relations. The MUN conference underscores our commitment to nurturing informed global citizens who can critically analyze, discuss, and propose solutions to pressing global challenges.