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An inter-house debate competition is a great way to encourage critical thinking and public speaking skills among students. Here are some steps to organize an effective inter-house debate competition:

Select Topics: The first step is to select appropriate topics for the debate. The topics should be relevant, interesting, and challenging enough to stimulate debate among students. You can consider topics related to current affairs, social issues, and school-related issues.

Form Teams: Divide the students into different teams based on the house system. Each team should consist of 2-3 speakers, who will present their arguments for or against the topic.

Choose Judges: Select a panel of judges who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of debating. They should be fair and impartial in their judgment and should provide constructive feedback to the participants.

Set Rules and Guidelines: Establish rules and guidelines for the debate, including the time limit for each speaker, the format of the debate, and the criteria for evaluation.

Conduct the Debate: The debate can be conducted in different formats such as Parliamentary, Lincoln-Douglas, or Oxford-style debate. The teams should present their arguments in a clear, concise, and logical manner.

Declare Winners: After the debate, the judges will evaluate the performance of each team and declare the winners. You can award prizes or certificates to the winning teams.

Provide Feedback: It is important to provide feedback to the participants, both the winners and the losers. This will help them to improve their debating skills and learn from their mistakes.

An inter-house debate competition can be a great way to promote healthy competition and intellectual growth among students. It also provides a platform for students to express their opinions and thoughts on various issues.

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    17 Jan 2023
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    Talent Hunt

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