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Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to L.R.I. Located away from the clatters and clamors of the city area, Learning Realm International (L.R.I.) Education Trust is nestled in close proximity to a blissful natural ambiance.

The core vision and mission of L.R.I. stand out in the development of children capable of leading the ever-inventive global community. Since 1988, several thousands have thrived educationally through our top-notch facilitation coupled with deep-rooted grooming. Positivity has been the driving force of our team, consistently creating successive generations with a parental focus on both 'Intelligence Quotient' and 'Emotional Quotient'. In other words, the key thrust of L.R.I. has been to research compatible knowledge and cultivate resilient virtuousness.

L.R.I. represents the quest for learning excellence in Nepal, applying the best educational practices by redefining international competitiveness, so that our students are perfectly prepared for global citizenship. Embracing children’s unique capacity to discover their own ‘space’ is embedded in the L.R.I. culture. We invite you to connect with this family that boasts a 'welcoming legacy'.

Warm regards,

Shiv Raj Pant


L.R.I. Education Foundation