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Kumon is an educational program and method that focuses on supplemental, individualized learning in mathematics and reading. It was developed in Japan by Toru Kumon in the 1950s. The Kumon method aims to help students build strong foundational skills and gain a high level of proficiency in these subjects through a structured and incremental approach.

In the Kumon program, students work through a series of worksheets that gradually increase in complexity. The worksheets are designed to be slightly more challenging than what the student has already mastered, encouraging incremental learning and a sense of accomplishment. The program emphasizes self-learning and mastery, with students encouraged to work independently and at their own pace.

Kumon centers are typically available for students from preschool age to high school. The program is often used for enrichment or remediation, depending on the student's needs. It has gained popularity globally for its systematic approach to learning and its focus on developing strong fundamental skills. However, the program's effectiveness can vary depending on individual learning styles and preferences.

It's important to note that Kumon is just one of many educational approaches available, and its suitability for a particular student should be considered based on their learning style, goals, and needs.  We, at LRI School, also recognize the value of individualized learning approaches. That's why we offer the Kumon program as part of our educational offerings, ensuring that our students have access to a comprehensive range of learning experiences that cater to their unique needs and foster their academic growth.