Discover Your Future: LRI School announces admission open for Grade Nursery to Grade 2 only!🙏

The school has a well-equipped library with a large stock of books including encyclopedias, fiction and non-fiction books, other reference books etc. The library also consists of literature, lifestyle, religion, information and entertainment books. It allows the students for reading different varieties of books, for doing research and relaxation. It also subscribes to a number of dailies, magazines and journals to keep students abreast of the global happenings.

The library also provides students and teachers with a range of reference books, encyclopedia, journals and newspapers and internet facilities to enrich their classroom activities and knowledge. All new books are arranged on a display table in the library for a month and reviews put up on the Notice Board. Our specially trained Librarian organizes the Library Classes with book readings, designing book jackets & book marks and writing book reviews.



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