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The following rules are to be strictly observed:

1. Students are encouraged to converse in English within the school premises, except during the vernacular period.

2. Students must wear the proper uniform on all school days.

3. The uniform must be clean and neatly pressed, shoes well-polished, fingernails trimmed, and hair well-brushed and combed.

4. Male students must have a decent haircut, and female students must tie their hair with the school-prescribed ribbon.

5. While traveling to or from school, students must maintain a high standard of conduct, keeping in mind the school's reputation in society.

6. Students must always bring all required textbooks and exercise books according to their schedule. Textbooks need to be covered neatly with plain brown paper.

7. Students should record their homework details, etc., in their diary, which must be checked and signed by parents/guardians.

8. Written requests for leave of absence, including half-day leave, must be made by parents/guardians in the child’s diary.

9. Students suffering from an infectious disease are not allowed to attend school until a medical certificate from a qualified doctor is produced.

10. A student who remains absent for two consecutive months without prior intimation or permission from the school may be removed from the rolls.

11. Parents/guardians must ensure that their children/wards are picked up promptly after school hours, especially for bus-rider students at designated bus stops.

12. The school is not responsible for the loss of items such as money, watches, calculators, etc., brought to school by pupils.

13. Applying nail polish and bringing prohibited items like undesirable books or jewelry to school is strictly prohibited.

14. During school hours, pupils are not allowed to leave the school compound without permission from the principal.

15. Students must avoid littering the school premises with paper, food remains, etc., during recess and should use the provided bins.

16. Students must proceed to their respective classes promptly after short and long breaks, without wasting time.

17. While moving along corridors or stairs, students must walk in silence and allow teachers to pass first.

18. Students are not permitted to leave their classrooms during class hours or in between periods.

19. Use of foul language, creating disturbances, physical assaults, neglect of academic work, or using unfair means in examinations is considered gross indiscipline and will not be tolerated.

20. Any damage to school property by a student must be compensated by the parents/guardians, covering the cost of repairs.

21. Unauthorized lending or borrowing of money within the school premises is not allowed.

22. No student is allowed to visit the administrative office or teachers' room without a genuine reason.

23. Parents/guardians are not permitted to see their children/wards or contact teachers during class hours without the permission of the principal.

24. Parents/guardians are advised to personally collect their children/wards' exam results on the specified dates.

25. Medical expenses, including consultation fees, prescribed medicines, lab tests, hospitalization, and surgery other than first-aid, are billed to parents.

26. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student found using unfair means in periodic tests or examinations. Repeat offenders will be required to withdraw from the school.

27. Transfer certificates will be issued to students only after all outstanding payments to the school have been settled.