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I am honored and privileged to use this platform to convey our commitment to serving, promoting, and nurturing the boundless potential of your children through the best-known educational practices. We work tirelessly to enhance the value of everything we do and everything we guide our students to achieve for their comprehensive development. In addition to classroom learning, a variety of lively activities enable our students to attain harmonious excellence.

The cumulative effect of LRI’s culture is reflected in our students, who grow into competitive individuals possessing all the essential traits of global citizenship, such as confidence and connectivity. This is because our approach has always been proactive and tailored to the specific needs of our students.

We enthusiastically invite you and your child to the promising LRI environment, where everything is nurtured with immense love and utmost care.

Warm regards,

Yashodhara Pant

MPhil, MEd, MA, MPA