Discover Your Future: LRI School announces admission open for Grade Nursery to Grade 2 only!🙏

Education is an all-time practice that can be incredibly exciting when managed well first on parents’ laps, next in school and then as we go on through the journey of life. Education at its best should expand the mind, develop life skills and build best spirit in learners. 

Dear all, education should serve the purpose of promoting strong character and citizenship in a young learner for a blissful life. Teachers, parents, the education institutions and the communities across the world should go hand in hand to provide vital leadership and support to implement character education. 

The best schools for education bring people, technology and space together in innovative ways. Children, teachers and parents have to understand that education goes beyond lessons taught in the classroom from text books, it is extended to society that has become an open classroom since the skills to be learnt change with time and technology.

In this AI age, technology is changing the dynamics of education, time demands now the parents and teachers to keep reskilling and upskilling themselves for effective childcare as now education demands out of the box thinking for limitless exploration and innovation.  

I trust that Team LRI is really going to work with zeal and dedication on the stated philosophy and offer the young souls with a stress-free learning environment which encourages development of soft skills like critical thinking, communication, team-work, time management, leadership etc. along with the fundamental skills. 

Let’s all facilitate children grow up to be productive adults who then emerge as global citizens ready to make their own great contribution to mankind.

Wishing all associates good luck and happy schooling.

Warm regards,

Yashrekha Pant



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