Happy 36th Glorious Foundation Day 2080 | Celebrating the Year of Strength and Diligence 🙏
Academic Session 2080

It is the most prestigious award amongst all the prizes given away by School, and is presented in the form of a Gold Medal along with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ to such students of Grade-Ten who perform extra-ordinarily well in the S.E.E. exam by securing a position in the Board merit list. 

The best all-rounder student 
It includes a specially designed memento along with a 'Letter of Merit' to such student who is judged as the best in studies, games and co-curricular activities during the year.

The best disciplined student 
Under this category, differnet memento and 'Certificate of Appreciation ' are awarded to the student judged the best,discipline-wise, during the year.

Grade Toppers
The students, who secure the first rank in different Grades from LKG to Nine, at the end of the academic year, are motivated with a Gold Medal and a 'Commendation Letter' each. The students getting the second position and the third position are also provided distinct incentives.

Best Classes
For inculcating in students the habit of keeping their surrounding, particularly their class-room always clean, tidy and beautiful, this rolling award is instituted. There are in fact three such awards separate for Primary, Lower Secondary and secondary Grades, which are given every month to the class-rooms found to be the best decorated in the Primary, Lower Secondary and Secondary blocks. The awards are in the form of mementos.

Best House
Based on the total points secured in different Inter-House activities/competitions, this award is given for every term as well as for the whole year, finally. 


The school is conscious of its social responsibility and moral duty towards the potential students whose family background is financially unsound. Furthermore, school also knows about the approach it should have towards the children/wards of such parents/gurdian whose help and contribution remains unforgettable in the development of School. 

In such cases, a total number of 10% of the pupils is considered for grant of either free-ship or half-freeship for one academic year, which is reviewed every year based on the academic performance of students concerned as well as the financial capacity of School.

Recognition of notable contributions to teaching and non-teaching staff

The School also rewards the outstanding performance demonstrated by its teaching and non-teaching staff as well as unforgettable contribution of the respectable personalities for the cause of ducation/School, by the way of the following honours/decorations: 

L.R. Ratna
It is awarded in the form of a Gold Medal along with a 'Certificate of Excellence' to such an employee or well-wisher of the School, who has proven to be exceptional by his/her extra-ordinary contribution for the cause of School.

Letter of Honour
It's conferred upon a personality of national/international esteem for his/her precious contribution in the field of education or for the upliftment of School.

Teacher of the year
Its presented at the end of every academic year to a teacher, who is rated the best during the year.

Letter of Recognition
It's awarder to the employee performing his/her work continuously in an outstanding manner.