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Happy Dashain 2080 Holidays Notice

Happy Dashain Festivites 2080

Respected parents,

  1. The School has revised Dashain vacation from Saturday, Ashwin 27 to Saturday, Kartik 11.
  2. The School re-opens after Dashain holidays on Sunday, Kartik12 for regular study classes and other activities. However, we have no morning coaching until Thihar due to student tours.
  3. The students will get creative homework for Dashain vacation. They are also encouraged to practice Photography (Grades 6 & below) and Videography (Grades 7 & above) on the theme: "My beautiful home,  city/town/village, and country during our great Dashain festival".
  4. After Dashain vacation, Grades 3 & below will wear Winter Sweater+Jacket and Grades 4 & above Winter Sweater+Coat (Contact: N.S. Traders, CTC Mall, opposite Nepal Army Office).
  5. In between Dashain-Tihar holidays, the School will organize 'outdoor tours' for the students of different Classes for which please contact the respective Class Teachers/Incharges.

With the season's best greetings and festive regards, thank you all very much.

-L.R.I. School